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Sep 29, 2015
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Has anyone ever ordered from fragrance oils from there? If so what strength oils do you order? I've only ordered essential oils from them and that was for other things really.
Yes, I have ordered from them. My suggestion is to buy the strongest or the Extreme concentration. The standard concentration does not last well in cp soap for me. I feel that I am wasting shipping money on the watered down versions.
I have purchased a lot from SOS. They were the first FO company I discovered. If you order anything other than Extreme you will be using oil diluted with a carrier (most likely IPM) and I do wonder if even their Extreme Oils are somewhat diluted as they claim you can use them at a concentration of 2 parts FO to 1 part carrier as a perfume!
I have replaced most of my FOs from them with cheaper/better versions from (mainly) Nature's Garden, Sweet Cakes, Wholesale Supplies Plus and Fragrance Buddy. SOS does have some FOs that nobody else carries though so I am still a customer...they also have some really good designer dupes (and some really bad ones LOL).

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