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Nope, not even a little bit. It does work great, however, for lightly perfuming things like homemade tapioca puddings :)

If your wish is to have a rose scent - look for 5-10% dilutions of different rose oils, rather than the 100% pure stuff, which are more affordable.

I found some rose de mai this year at a very affordable price - 10% dilution - which works very well in soap. It's cut with jojoba oil. That jojoba oil also gives my soap some nice extra superfat which does not fully saponify - if at all (I don't know) - due to the fact that it's a liquid wax.
How did you add the rose water to your soap ?

If you wanted to add rosewater to your soap, you would need to use it as your lye dissolving water, and that would be the end of the scent in your rose water.

Get some diluted rose de mai or similar essential oil from a supplier you like & use that instead.

You can also infuse a base oil - such as the olive oil or whatever oil you use in your soap - with rose petals for a couple of months, under vacuum to draw out the volatile oils more effectively. I use a manual vacuum pump to suck the air out of my jars in order to extract as much of the plant's oils / actives as possible.

Use this PLUS some type of diluted rose essential oil, called 'layering' scent - that's what I call it anyways - and anchor with a base note scent - such as patchouli or vetiver. Use the slurry method for your essential oils as well, and you will get a much stronger rose scent that lasts.

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