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Mar 18, 2022
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Consider buying supplies at second hand and thrift stores so you aren’t wasting money while learning. Make small batches. Perhaps begin with wax melts. They can be made with remelted unscented second hand candles and fragrance oils.
Enjoy your new endeavors!
Feb 13, 2023
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I am wanting to learn to make candles. Can anyone point me to good resources on learning to make candles. Thanks

I'm new to making candles too. I started with making wax melts by blending some waxes that I have on hand. I don't have access to pre-blended waxes like they do in the US so I just experiment with wax combinations and ratios.

The soap makers that I follow also made wax melts and scented candles and so I learn from them too. They mention about the wax blend that they're using like soy 464, then joy wax blend, there's also Pro-blend 600, and IGI 6006 among others, and I try to duplicate the ratios they share and then incorporate some of my own. But most of the time I just try and discover wax blends and see if it'll work 😇

It's actually easy and fun to blend waxes and play around with ratios when you already have a soap making background.... the wicking part is tricky though. And also choosing the right vessel for the wax is also a challenge... I've seen some posts shared on socials about their jars shattering because of the high wax heat, and flames dancing around the surface of the wax apart from the wick! So it's fun and dangerous too...

Apart from the resources mentioned by our friends prior to this reply, I also watch Wade at the Black Tie Barn on youtube, there's also Standley Handcrafted, etc. I just watch how they make their fancy candles and what tips they might share to newbies. You might want to check them out too :)


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