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Jul 14, 2014
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Does anyone have suggestions for a true red colorant for CP soaping?

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I use tomato red from tkb, however it is bright but true
conservatorie merlot mica + tkp fluorescent pink. more merlot than the hot pink. i just eyeballed it.
I use tomato red from tkb, however it is bright but true

Not trying to hijack but is the tomato red bright and pretty? I just got some but I've been afraid to use it lol how much for a 2 cup portion? I've inly used micas in the past.
I like Matte American Red Oxide from WSP. This is a pic of a FAILED flower but at least you can see the beauty of the red. Don't pay attention to its ugliness. :D

ImageUploadedBySoap Making1409351198.363543.jpg
Here is the tomato red, I use the liquid and and the darker red is red vibrance

Pretty! Thanks for the picture. That helps a lot to determine a color scheme using tomato red. To the OP, I use 1/2 tsp red oxide, 1/2 tsp burgundy oxide, and 1/2 tsp electric bubblegum from BB to make a really pretty deep red.
Thank you!

a big THANK YOU to all who replied! Also appreciated the pictures you sent showing the red colorant.

All the best!
I use Yellow Root Powder. I find it in the vitamin section at Whole Foods

Wow -- I would never have thought to try that for red -- or for yellow no less. In fact I've never heard of yellow root powder. Now I must go look for it at my local health food store. Any tips for using it, or pics to share??

ETA: I just found the LovinSoap page on pH stability of natural colorants, which highlights YRP:

I'm guessing I've actually seen that before because I know I've looked at some of their other pages on natural colorants. But for some reason YRP didn't sink in. Probably because I didn't know what it was or where to get it, lol. Thanks for making the connection, mom2tyler! I still wouldn't mind seeing some pics - and I bet no one else would either, right?!!
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My understanding is if they are listed ph stable they will be true in cp. I know they just redid their website but they used to have pics of what to expect. Their tomato red is definitely stable and awesome.

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