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Nov 13, 2007
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East Berlin, PA
well, hubby started a new job yesterday after getting the boot the day back from our honeymoon in june!

we took a mini trip to ocean city/assateague island to celebrate and see the wild ponies. it was sort of the trip from hell i still have mosquito bites from a week ago. the best part was when we arrived and i was pulling out the tent to set it up and i said, 'oh, i hope i remembered to bring the fly....' and then dumped everything out and said 'oh s**t! i don't have the stakes!!! oh f**k!!! i don't have the poles either!!??!!!" so this was the next part of our trip...

to walmart.....

to buy the smallest tent on earth....

it said 5x6, tim is 6'1", i assumed that we'd fit fine, he just have to curl up a bit....i was wrong. he was so uncomfortable he got up around midnight to go sleep in the car while i stayed in the tent and slept diagonally and barely fit (i'm 5'4")....which is when the horses came stampeding into the campsite at 3am. they didn't amble into the campsite, they ran in snorting and then chomp, chomp, chomping on grass. so, i am peaking out trying to see them and if they were going to run over me....and my cell phone rings, somehow we managed to each have one cell phone with us. so we're on the phone (tent to car) discussing the horses and he puts on the back up lights so i can see them, and they are like 4 feet away from me and some are on the backside of my cheap ass tent with no window on the back so i can only see what's in front of me. i am trying to be cool and i tell him, that 'oh, i'm fine....just listening to the horses...." meanwhile, i am crapping my pants thinking that something is gonna spook them and they are going to trample me or start chewing through the tent....and speaking of crapping. even if the stampede hadn't woken me up, you could tell in the am that they were there, if you catch my drift.

moral of the story, wildlife is cool to look at, even up close, unless its 3am and you are in a midget tent by yourself.
You are too funny!!!! I'm gald you weren't trambled....and that your hubby got a new job. Congratulations to him!!!
Isn't it amazing how the the worst vacations make the best vacation stories. LOL
Congrats on hubby's new job!
I am from best memories are of going to OC with the family and taking a day trip to see the horses......boy that brings back the memories also of the horse flies(they actually wear saddles :lol: and love campers). I dont know how I wound up in alabama?? I hope you will make alot of good memories. Kathleen
yes, it is going to be a good vacation story for years to come....that was the nice abreviated version. the rest i left out involved his asthma attack and not bringing his not being able to poo....we had to hunt down an starbucks and sit there drinking a gigantic latte til things started moving....hmmm, too much information, i believe....
Were you there for the auction of the colts at the Firemans Carnival?? That was the ONLY vacation I've ever taken was to Assatique/Chincotique (sp?). Those mosquitos were something weren't they??? (AND HORSE FLIES AND SAND CRABS) OMG, couldn't get away from them...they even had planes flying over dropping bug killer to reduce the amount of them when we were there. Didn't have pony problems though, kinda scarry....we camped on Chincotique where the ponies were all corraled. I was just wondering if you had went to the carnival when they did the drawing (I assume they still do this, we went like 11 years ago) for the free colt. They pic someone from the crowd to draw the winnner and they picked my daughter that year, she was like 2 years old and got to draw the name. She was the *star* for the night! Anywho, sorry your vacation didn't go as planned, and congrats on the new job!
The X-inlaws run a surf shop in Chincoteague called Ocean Pearl. Cute town.

Crazy pony story!! :shock:

Glad to hear about the re-employment!
we didn't go for the auction, we were looking at the website the day they did it planning the trip. it would be kind of neat to see, but as i've heard, its a 3 minute swim and there are 40,000 people there so you don't get to see much!
WilsonFamilyPicnic said:
it would be kind of neat to see, but as i've heard, its a 3 minute swim and there are 40,000 people there so you don't get to see much!

I saw a LOT of the back of peoples' heads!! :lol: Yeah, they had a short parade where they parade the ponys and colts down the road, that's about the only time we saw anything much, and then went to the corral to see them. Despite the misquitos, sand crabs and sunburnt kid, it was a great time. Definitely a place for something out of the ordinary to happen!

PS: LOVE the creative pic of your tent! How cute. 8)

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