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Nov 7, 2023
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West Virginia
I think this is considered a drop swirl but had fun doing this. I used BB Coastal rains FO and spilt the batter into 4 equal parts. I used Mad Micas Snow white, Aphrodite, Twilight Blue and Peacock for the colors.


Didn't do a good job of beating down the mold after everything was poured so had quite a few of air bubbles.
Oh Wow! I love it. I am partial to blue, and this is exceptionally fine to my eyes.
Well done on the Drop Swirl! I love the colors and the design. How do you like the FO? It looks like a good one for swirling and I love the name.
The FO was easy to work with. I had to wait for the batter to thicken to medium trace before I poured it. Scent wise, I'll have to take a sniff when I get home to think of something I can compare it to.
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