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Feb 17, 2016
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Hello, I am making liqid shampoo, and I know it calls for an emulsifying wax. Cold yo please recommend what type is best for this application? Also, I wold need it for the conditioner as well. Thanks for any help that comes my way.
Emulsifying wax is the name of a generic product. E-wax is like "ibuprofen" vs. the name brand "Motrin." The formulation for e-wax can vary somewhat from supplier to supplier, but you won't find multiple e-wax products from a supplier. Just pick a supplier you find to be reputable and use their product. If you want a name brand product, look for Polawax.

Conditioner is best made with emulsifying conditioner (another generic product) or the name brand product called BTMS. You can use e-wax for conditioner, but it doesn't provide the same benefits to hair that emulsifying conditioner does. Susan at does a good job of explaining why.

I'm curious about why one would use an emulsifier in a shampoo as well.
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I like a combo of E-wax or pola wax and BTMS the best in my solid shampoo bars. You do not use an emulsifier when making liquid shampoo. Hopefully you are making a surfacant based shampoo not a lye based Be aware you will Not save money making your own shampoo
Thanks, no, this is not a lye based shampoo. I am not looking to save money on this, just have something I like to use. I make the bars too, bt wanted to try this ot.