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Nov 13, 2007
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East Berlin, PA
I am brand new to the soap making world (well, i've been making melt and pour glycerin soap for years, but ready to plunge into cold process). We've read the books, now we are starting to pick up some equipment. Everything is pretty self explanatory, but the two pieces that I thought I'd ask advice are on scales and thermometers.

Scales - What size scale do you suggest? (how many lbs/kgs does it measure) We are hoping to turn this into a business venture after some time (i.e. making larger batches).

Thermometers - do you suggest an infrared thermometer? one of the point and shoot guys or just stick with the regular old stick it in the pot kind?

Thanks in advance!
If you're new to soapmaking I would suggest keeping it simple to start and then build on that as you get going. For the thermometre, a simple candy thermometre that goes in the pot is fine. I will admit, though, that the point and click kind are kinda nice. If you get a simple thermometre, buy two (they're not expensive) to prevent mixing oils with the lye.

I also suggest a good electronic scale. I'm still looking for one myself.
I purchased candy thermometers at Bed Bath and Beyond. They were about $10.00 each.

I also purchased this scale http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product ... U=13970270

I put the pot on the scale and zero it out and then measure my solid fats directly into the pot. Once they are melted, I put a hot pad on the scale, put the pot on top and zero the scale and then measure my liquid fats. Since it isn't plastic I don't have to worry about anything getting too hot.

You can measure in pounds, ounces, kilograms or grams. On the ounces setting it measures to the nearest .05 ounces so it is great for measuring your lye amount pretty exactly.
I second Old Will Knot in Oklahoma! Great supplier of good scales. I hade 3 scales I use;
1 for soaping
2. For Lotions and Creams that is a little mor acurate (measures in 1/100 of a gram.
3. One for shipping my TOG Molds and Tools.

Cant have enough scales or stick blenders IMHO!

Paul....:) :wink:

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