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Oct 23, 2015
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Looked through the thread database and couldn't find anything on a general vanilla discussion. I avoid any vanilla FO in my CP soap because I tend to make really bright soaps. I accidentally bought a fruit scented FO that had 2% vanilla content-- wasn't listed on website or bottle. I was trying a new supplier and I didn't double check-- my mistake. I double checked today and lo and behold-- vanilla! :?

I made the soap a week ago. It was a mostly white soap base (pure olive, coconut 76 and refined shea) and I used a bit of TD to brighten it (don't have percentage). I used the FO at .5oz PPO and soaped at 105 degrees. Out of the mold it was a gorgeous white and it went through soaping and saponification uneventfully. A few other batches with this recipe are doing great, no vanilla, no browning.

Today the vanilla 2% batch is beige/faint caramel. My main question is about percentages of vanilla... At 2% how brown will this soap be?

Can vanilla be predicted consistently? Any old threads on vanilla tests? I searched soap blogs but mostly found different FO comparisons and not the best predictions of vanilla itself. I know other variables go in to FO color changes, but I'm curious about vanilla.

Thanks everyone!!
That was very helpful! Thank you! That article didn't come up in my web browser. C'est la vie. Time will tell, but it looks like it's going to be brown soap.
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