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Dec 13, 2018
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Has anyone used Pompeian Simply Light Taste Olive Oil, sold at Costco, for CP soap? I've never seen it before, and have always used Kirkland Signature Refined Olive Oil. The Pompeian seems slightly lighter in color although it's not easy to tell. Any input would be appreciated. IMG_2627.JPG

I have used this brand before when making an 80% OO soap for a friend. It soaped the same as the Kirkland brand. 😊
Same here. For soaping, I usually use the cheapest light or refined olive oil I can find (just not virgin olive oil). I have had no issues switching between brands. I used to buy the big grocery store cans, but my grocery stores in this area have stopped carrying those, 😪
The only difference between 'light' and regular olive oil is that it has been refined using heat after the first pressing (EVOO). I don't think the color difference is worth the price difference.