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Nov 5, 2007
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Chicago, IL
Ok, here's the story in a nutshell Next friday, I have a really special date- Pepperiiiiiiii- you rock and you know why. Anyway, I love Sandalwood but I don't have any- the kind I did use(EO) is outrageously expensive as they pretty much all are but I need sandalwood scented solid perfume or a roll on or something blended with it. Does anyone know who has a nice romantic sandalwood FO or does anyone make roll ons or solids with something sandalwood and not the real masculine one- the earthy yet still feminine one- sheesh I hope this makes sense, it should to Sandalwood people, I hope. I have never tried Sandalwood Vanilla- any reviews? Seems like it would maybe too sweet. Sandalwood relaxes me and there is something romantic about it and for whatever reason I feel I should wear it. Any help is so much appreciated- thanks in advance..
I know the type of Sandalwood you are talking about and I have yet to find it. :( It's like my nose KNOWS what it wants, but my brain can't find it or describe it....

I do use BrambleBerry Vanilla Sandlawood. But I think it is a bit on the sweet side...
Exactly you must like Sandalwood- :)
The closest thing I have smelled is AubreyOrganics Sea Buckthorn lotion and the actual oil which is between 25-40 dollars an ounce at least that I have found wowie!! :cry:
Yeah and that's on the cheap side- From Nature with love has it the oil's name is Santalulum Album- 1/8oz is 40.00- LOL- ughhh! It's getting hard to get so prices are skyrocketing but this is the amazing one- and the essential to boot...Sigh
:cry: It's killing me but I don't have enough cash laying around to buy a thousand fo's to try to grab the scent but there was one company- can't remember where now- that had a Sensuous Sandalwood FO and a Sweet Sandalwood- those could be a maybe if I find them again. I ended up getting a roll on on Etsy of Sandalwood Vanilla- the seller said hers was more woody and less sweet but pretty balanced so I grabbed one and I'm crossing my fingers...

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