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Feb 9, 2008
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I have a soap making problem...
The last 5 batches (at least), have developed a pit in the center.
I cannot figure this out! It traces and thickens and I pour into the mold, then about an hour later, before the gel stage, I notice a pit in the center. It looks like a lumpy pit.
It only goes down about an inch, but it's enough to mess up the middle of my batch.
This is driving me crazy, I can't figure this one out. I have gotten new oils, lye and water.

Do you have any advise?
I would appreciate it!

I wonder if I'm pouring when the soap mixture is to cold and it's setting up too fast?
maybe, next time I make it I will mix the oil and lye solution at a hotter temp.
I'm mixing the two at about 100 degrees or less...
which really, I've always done that in the 10 years I've been making soap.
Hummmm.....just thinking out loud.
Thanks for listening!
If you post your whole recipe, it will be much easier to figure a possible explanation and remedy.
For the most part I use OO, PO,CO, and SO. I mix it all at 110-120 degrees and have never had that problem. Are you letting your soap cool slowly?? Covering it up?? I hope someone has an answer so I can learn from this mystery.
This may or may not help..

If when my soap gels, I dont insulate the mold it tends to fall in the center sort of like a cake. Because the gel has evaporated much of the water, where as the surounding soap still retains water. so I do two things I add alittle more to the center of the soap log and I insulate the mold. after this I havent had the trouble again.