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Jan 15, 2007
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This scent smells absolutely amazing and stays strong in my rebatch and mp soap. It's very strong so add less than your normal amount in mp. Smells like a mix of coconut and bananas.
Thank you for the review! I love coconut scents, on the top of my favorites! I love Tradewinds Coconut, but am always looking for another. I might have to give this a test drive!

Paul.... :wink:
Did it discolor at all on you? Their plain coconut only discolors slightly but is very light in scent.
Well I colored it orange but it has yet to discolor on me. The soap is very addictive so beware!

I want to stick with EO's only, but I too love the scent of fresh coconut and bananas. This could drive me over the edge...
This fragrance does discolor in cp/hp soap to med/dark brown but in mp it didn't yet. I've had these bars for a while.
for me (at 1 oz ppo) it turns such a dark brown my friends call it "that black soap". and it's so amazing it's addictive - so they also refer to it as coconut banana crack.
I've been looking for a good coconut blend and this one sounds amazing from everyone's reviews!... does it smell strongly like sun tanning lotion tho?
No I don't think so it's a really great balance of both worlds and pepperi's soap is what I have and it leaves a nice light scent- it's awesome- you'll like it.
I just made it yesterday. I did CP goat milk and on the outside it is the darkest soap I have made. Even more than French Vanilla Amber. Started out the creamiest banana pudding color last night. It is not as dark yet inside when I cut it today,but will probably turn solid brown throughout.
My favorite is creme d amande from the scent works. It is heavenly!! Does not smell like sun tan lotion! It is based on laura mercier scent(it is a fo) and has several vanillas in it with a hint of cinnamon, almond, and star jasmine. My biggest seller but discolors to dark brown.

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