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Apr 9, 2015
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I have been with Paypal for years...Last month, my primary credit card disappeared off my acct., and they couldn't tell me why. Well, ok I guess...still had backup card and bank acct. Last week, backup card disappeared... and still no one seemed able to help, said to add them again. Couldn't get them verified, so still working off bank account. Now I go to log in, cannot log in. Cannot change password, tried to call, they can't verify my acct. by credit card number -duh- used my phone number, and they can tell me my balance, but nothing else. And of course the dept. I need isn't open on Sundays. I've had to suspend my shop, because I process all my payments through them, and that sucks.
They've also disabled my debit card through them...which I never used, but it's good to be able to access my balance if I need to.
So frustrated...and can't do anything until tomorrow...all I'm gonna do is sit here and stew about it all day....
End rant... Have a good day everyone, and thanks for "listening" :)
So frustrated...and can't do anything until tomorrow...all I'm gonna do is sit here and stew about it all day....
End rant... Have a good day everyone, and thanks for "listening" :)

Since you are probably just going to fixate on it anyway, I would spend your time crafting an email to send off to relevant departments. While the immediacy and gratification of talking to a person is more satisfying, I think that email is a smarter route with corporations.

Email serves several purposes. First, it provides time and flexibility to succinctly and clearly articulate the problem. (I am a bit challenged in this department:oops:) It also allows an employee to move your problem up the hierarchy to the appropriate individual without misstating your issue, forcing you to sit on hold, or requiring you to repeat yourself ad nauseam. More importantly, it creates a documented, time-stamped paper trail of your issue and what you were told by whom.

I always take notes in situations like this, but am amazed how often I get provided contradictory information by different people or have the person who disseminated the misinformation dissembling later. I like being able to cut and paste the relevant email response rather than becoming ensnared in a "he said, she said" debate.

I realize that you may have just needed to vent and apologize if my suggestion is unwelcome. This is just what I like to do in response to a snafu such as the one you described. I am sorry that you are vexed and hope that PayPal resolves your problem quickly.
I am looking into other options besides Paypal. They have been doing a lot of things lately that just don't seem to be kosher. Or rather, a lot of things have been happening lately that don't seem kosher. And it seems that most of them have started since they decided to push their own credit card and debit card over the use of any others. Also since they separated themselves from Ebay (i.e. became a totally separate entity).

They were great when they were "Just" a payment processing resource. Now that they are trying to compete as a bank/virtual bank ... not so much. Plus, it is very hard to get any answers out of them. You get shuffled from one department to another, then on to a third; before being sent back to the orignal number you called.

And while I'm all for saving a buck, maybe they should hire native English speakers, or at least those who are reasonably fluent in the language, to speak with those folks who use English as their primary language. Same for Spanish, French, etc. It's very frustrating when you can't understand the person that you are speaking to and the conversation is being held in your own language.

I apologize if that last bit seems "prejudiced" or "intolerant" but it would be nice to be able to understand the people I'm talking to when we're discussing MY money.
I only use PayPal with my website or purchases. My shows and other sales I use Square. I live that it will track inventory and send you great breakdown on sales and will show sales by time and you can also have it send you notices when running low on products.

The other plus was their chip reader was only $49. Pay pal was way more

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