Oven rebatch directly into mold?

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Jul 1, 2014
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Cape Town, South Africa
Dear fellow soapers,
As a newbie I have had to rebatch a few times and find that as I scoop the soap into the mold it starts drying out on the surface and ends up with an ugly looking surface. I wondered if anyone has rebatched in the oven directly in a silicon mold i.e. There would be no need to scoop the soap out after it has melted, just let it cool in the silicon mold where it has been melted?
I would love to know if anyone has tried this or whether you think it might result in a nicer looking rebatched soap.
Thank you
Grace Darling Soaps
People do OP (Oven Process, also called CPOP) in the mold. Assuming your mold can take the heat. IDK about rebatching, I think that some stirring is required?

To get a prettier top on my HP soap, I press a piece of parchment paper to the top of the soap and use my hand to smooth it. I leave the paper on, and when the soap is cool and hard, I peel it off. It's not smooth like CP, but it is an improvement!

Another option might be a column mold (you can try a vinyl downspout from Lowe's for a cheap on), or to use a Tall Skinny mold so there is less bumpiness to trim off.
I've never done it, but if your silicone mold can take the heat, and if there is a way to cover it while in the oven so things don't get too dry, and if the mold will stand up to some stirring, I don't see why you shouldn't give it a try. If I had a soap on hand to rebatch, I'd probably give it a go myself.

If you do try it, let us know how it goes!

IrishLass :)
I finally did my rebatch, finely grated, soaked overnight in little coconut milk, pressed firmly into a silicon mould and oven heated at 120 degrees C for 3 hours, standing in a little water. Half the mould was stirred and half left alone, the pics are attached. Unfortunately I don't think it was long enough or hot enough as only the corners started to gel. Dear Heart was anxiously watching the electricity units count down and muttering about what expensive soap this is! And I was getting impatient so abandoned the experiment and microwave rebatched it! I think if it had been hotter or longer the unstirred part would have worked well! Here are photos of before and after ImageUploadedBySoap Making1448294191.877858.jpgImageUploadedBySoap Making1448294225.094346.jpg

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