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Sep 22, 2011
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Re: Oregon Trail Order - Summer Strawberries

WLNB said:
I purchased this FO last year (in the glass bottles) and then again this year (in the plastic bottles - which they claimed they would only use over the holidays) and for whatever reason there is a difference since my last purchase. The previous fragrance was of a thick, syrupy texture and very golden in color with a smooth scent (like strawberries and cream) and this new bottle pours like water, is lighter in color and appears to have a much more bitter scent to it. I told Susan about it and she claims it's the same manufacturer and that nothing has changed. Well, obviously it has!

If anyone else has had this same experience, it would be great to know or hear. I just find it really disappointing that the fragrance changed that much and they aren't fessing up as to why it's so different! :x
Suz told me that she'd had her scents made phthalate-free (I don't know how many) and she's been getting word back that some seem aa little different in performance but she didnt say scent. I wouldn't know anyway because I've only just had the recent order and a few from way back that I either don't remember how they were or have been discontinued. The Bee My Honey, by the way, smells way off base to me. I get baby powder, mostly unless it magically transforms itself in soap.


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Sep 28, 2011
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I haven't tried any on your list....but the best for me so far has been Sapmoss, and the worst, probably Enchanted Forest....not enchanting! :p

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