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Oct 26, 2021
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United Arab Emirates
Hi all respected member and experienced staff, please help me sort out , I have made cold process liquid soap from coconut and olive oil, using KOH after dilution its transparent amber, I want it to turn milky/bright white I tried using Titanium dioxide, it worked but only for thicker/viscous formulation it didn't worked in thin runny formulation, it settle down after 5-6 hours and is not stable in liquid formulation please guide me through , to get non toxic bright white, runny soap pictures are attached for better understandig

thanks in advance


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When are you adding the titanium dioxide in the whole process? If after adding lye I would try to disperse your titanium dioxide in your oil base before adding the lye.
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Titanium dioxide does not dissolve into individual molecules like a dye colorant will. TD particles will invariably settle if the viscosity isn't sufficiently high (thick) enough. It doesn't matter when or how you put the TD (or micas or oxide colorants) into the soap.

If you don't want the colorant to settle, you either need to use a dye that does dissolve fully (not sure you can get white with dyes, however) or make a soap that is normally cloudy or even opaque (soap higher in palmitic and stearic acids tends to be cloudy) or add an ingredient that dissolves to the molecular level, such as stearic acid, or find a pigment that has an ultra fine particle size (aka "nano" particles).

@IrishLass's coco-shea liquid soap is pearly white due to adding stearic acid after the soap is made and diluted.