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Feb 20, 2008
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For those of you that use a high amount of olive oil in your soap recipe what is your soap like after 24 hours? Is it a little more slick feeling than batches w/lower amounts of olive oil? Should I wait 48 hours before demolding? It feels hardened like my other batches with lower olive oil amounts but it feels slicker so i dont want to cut too early and have it kind of stickish...

Any feedback?

Most of my recipes have a high OO content - 40-45% usually unless a castile but I do a pretty drastic water discount. I mix equal parts water and lye and that is all the liquid I use unless I am soaping with milk.

So - while my soaps are hard and ready to cut in 4-6 hours or so - I can't speak to what they would be like with full water. Castiles or 100% OO recipes I leave set for a day or so before cutting. They are somewhat sticky for up to a day even with a water discount.

Now - I make a 100% OO soap with GM and Oat Flour and it is ready faster even with a higher liquid ratio.
Again, Marr is spot on. :wink: :) Any Castile soap, you can easily use a 40 to 50% solution and get a faster trace and much less cure time and bar warping. :wink:

Paul :)
Great thanks. For this recipe I used 30% of a mix of Olive and Canola (more Olive than Canola) so it isn't quite as high as yours. I didn't do a water discount though. I did 1/3 water, 1/3 aloe vera, and 1/3 GM.

It just seems a little softer and a little more slick/stickish than the batch I did with much less Olive Oil %. I just wasnt sure if it was normal or if I was losing my mind =)