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Aug 1, 2016
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Hello all,

I am "Kerby" and I live in the great state of TX.
I started CP soaping in Dec.'15 but only have about a dozen batches under my belt to date as I'm pursuing STEM academically and can only squeeze my hobbies between coursework. I am interested in chemistry, math, physics and anything related to these so of course I love the chemistry, experimentation and practicality of soaping. Never having to buy another bar of soap or bottle of body wash is also a huge plus. Though I don't care much for fragrance or synthetic colorants, I plan on dabbling with EOs and botanicals (for color) since my family members don't find joy in soap the way I do.
Outside of soap, I like crafts and other things but who cares?! :D This is probably already longer than it should be.
It's great to join you all and I look forward to soaking up all the information you're all great enough to share.