Not sure if I posted these shots but check it!!!

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Jan 10, 2008
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DeLand, FL
Just remembered i had these!! surfing in Costa Rica!! :)

Oh how I wish I was there right now.....If only I had a job down there and no loans to pay off lol....Id leave tomorrow!!! These were taken at a secret spot Id be killed if I talked about but it was SO good that day....perfect offshore winds and only 6 guys in the water...we were all just trading off waves taking turns...nice and layed back!






lol oh and P.S..
My board's name is "Bubbles" after the lovely mermaid stuck on the front of it, all girlfriends Ive had for the geeze...8 years ive owned her have been jealous...they know on top of her is where I reallly want to be...;)

The ocean is my true love! :D
*swoon* Friggin' awesome!!! I am deathly afraid of water...but that looks sooooooo fun!
smellitlikeitis said:
uuuuhhh I dont want my hair wet LOL


lol..dont want to screw up that lovely perm!?! (my girl is the same way lol)


Thanks!!! :)

like i said... I SOOOOO wish i was there right now...
Cool photos Ian. Love the water...but not fond of I don't venture in the ocean much past my waist lol. When I go to Cape May in the summers...I love to watch the people surf if the waves are good.
:D! thanks!! :)....yeah I try to keep the 'predator' mentality in myy mind when i go out there (especially where i live now...the sharkbite capital of the world)...that and I know la few tricks with sharks...I pray ill never have to test any of them...
I've never tried surfing but it looks fun. However I'm an expert on skis, sometimes skiing off a cornice with a 20 foot drop to a 45 degree surface. There's rad surfing and there's rad skiing. I think they may be related at least in spirit. :)
My 16 year old tried surfing for the 1st time yesterday - he has an uncle who has surfed everyday for the last 20 years who was instructing him - he must be like you Ian - loves it with a passion. Anyway, my son was able to get up 4 times. He's like addicted now. Too bad we live in TN. No surf there!

I grew up in Hawaii and then in Florida. Never saw anything at the Florida beaches, except for a stingray once. (Was pulled out by a current, but luckily had friends that helped me out). But saw plenty in Hawaii, enough that as an adult I don't go in the water past my ankles. Lived in a house that was right down the street from a beach - went there almost every day. Lifeguards always blowing the whistle to get out of the water for something - lots of times sharks. Went to another beach to dive for shells, was a shark off the shore about 6 feet where there was a sharp drop off. Didn't go in that day either.
I WISH I lived in FL...yeaaaah sorry to say I think your son is now hooked...I swear surfing rewires your brain so that when that first electrical vibe hits it after you stand for the first time...its lilke....I cant even describe it ...maybe as "the little death" (if you get my drift on the synonym)

Its like you are reborn into a world where you are more conscious of the energies around you and from that point on....your addicted...

I wish I had waves in FL like in day....

Ill be living in Fiji or somewhere that gets constant huge surf every day...just got to put my work in now, so i can kick back later....