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Hello Soap Family!
I been away for a long long time! WOW!
I left on Thursday afternoon to go to my first part of my 6 day show.

First I want to thank you Paul, for the call. I didnt get it until I got to my hotel that evening and checked my messages. I was so teary eyed. I thank you so much for your support!
From all of you! Your support helped me get through this trying week and weekend with this show. And I couldnt have done it without my soap family. As some of you know I have many hats.... single mother of two, full time college student, a police dispatcher, and my business. My family is all in the bay area, I am in Sacramento alone, with not many friends I can count on... So thank you very much for all of your kindness!

Before I left, I took my printer over to my ex mother-inlaws house and finally gained access to yahoo and printed labels... YEAH! I left three hours behind schedule from so much running around.

The show is about 1 1/2 hours away from home (one way) So I got there about 4:30ish.. The kids were with me. (They were so good through it) I unpacked and started to set up. I left about 6:30pm. I didnt realize I had to bring my tent or anything. It said inside space.. they failed to mention that I needed the tent anyway. So I just said.. "lemons, lemonade" I then drove my children to San Francisco (another 1 hour away) to drop them off. My grandmother insisted I stay there because she could tell I was just beyond exhausted and may be dangeros on the highway going to the hotel. I told her.. I was fine.. I would make it there.

I get to the hotel about 10:30pm or so.. after getting lost. Nasty Motel 6 .. ewwwww.. but I fell out. i dont remember even turning on the **** tv.

I get up the following morning at 6am, to meet my mother at the gat for 7:30am. I get there, she is waiting.. we go in.. I didnt like the way the setup looked so we changed it multiple times. I truly didnt bring all of the stuff I had.. so it looked somewhat empty... at that point I didnt care. "lemons, lemonade"
So we had to figure out how to hang the banner. I politely ask the lady behind me.. "may i hang my banner on the back of your tent? " She says yes, and up went the banner.
So, the as the show opens (10am) there was a purse couple in front of me, a purse lady behind me, and a different kind of purse guy on my left side :shock: TOO MANY **** PURSES! The purse people in front of my were very friendly, and had great prices (45.00 was the most expensive one) (knock-offs) My mother being a purse addict wanted to look at them. I saw the purse I wanted and she pursed it for my for christmas :D after that.. she went crazy.
Through the couse of the day, my other pursed 2 more purses, the puse guy on our left was very jealous.. he kept saying with an asian accent "you make more money to buy more purses from them" he constantly repeated this to my mother over the course of the whole day. Friday was slow sales.
Saturday comes.. it was very busy that day. My mother pursed another purse, my sister-inlaw came to help out that day. I was busy.. I was happy... But the purse couple across from me was making a killing to where, the guy on the left, and the lady behind me found their way to their booth to see what they were doing... The lady behind me had the same exact purses but 40.00 more! :shock: the guy on the left had "santa fe looking purses make of leatherly orange type of stuff" He started searching the inside of the couples purses trying to figure out where they were purchasing these purses. The lady behind, she checked out their prices. I laughed. I purchased my second purse during this. The husband says "I dont know why they keep coming over there, Im not telling them nothing, they need to just stay at their booths and leave us along" I told him "I agree"
As the day go by, the purse couple make a lot of money... and the more the other two vendors got upset. I am about $60.00 shy of my $240.00 booth fee currently, so I hope these 3 days left are successful.
Sunday comes.
Here is the drama...
Sunday my mother and I show up, and one of the ladys from the booth behind us didnt show up.. I didnt think nothing of it..
Well the lady turns around and tells my mother...
"You have to take your sign down, we are leaving today" My mother said ok.. and I said.. alright.. and began taking it down...
During this process she is yanking the tarp hard.. and I told her "dont know my stuff off my table" She didnt pay attention... my mother got upset.. and said "she isnt suppose to be tearing down early, Im going to go get the manager"
She goes off.. and I started moving my stuff out of the way...
The lady turns around after she got the tarp down and her purses are not hanging over my soap in MY tent....
"My sister is upset with you" I said "uh? why?" She says "Because you brought all of your purses from them, and you said she was checking out their prices" I said "WHAT!" I got so angry :x :x :x
I said "YOU MEAN TO TELL ME, YOUR SISTER DIDNT SHOW UP BECAUSE SHE IS BEING A BRATTY BITCH ABOUT ME BUYING PURSES! AND HAD YOU TAKE THIS DOWN BECAUSE OF MY BANNER! TELL THAT BITCH TO GROW THE HELL UP!" I was so upset.. my mother came back with the manager.. I took the manager outside and told her what was going on... the manager said she would take care of it, they had the same problem with them last year, and that they would not be welcomed back...
So meanwhile the manager and I are looking at my tent... and it looked like I was sellign purses.. you could barely see my soaps... I was going to strangle that lady.. and she had the nerves to laugh about it... the manager left.. she went to talk to them, and then to the purse couple across from me...
After the manager left.. I walked to the back of my booth and said "If one of your purses fall on my stuff, its going to be me and you" And she then stopped lauging...
:evil: :evil: :evil:
For the rest of th day, I perked myself up, my mother and I started realizing what the purse ldy behind us had done... By removing that wall.. when people were in her booth they would bend over and see the purses in front of.. people were leaving her booth and going to the couple in front of me to buy them cheaper.. LOL we counted all day this happened! LOL I cracked up. She hung her ownself by trying to get back at me...
The nerve of some people...

I met a soap lady there.. she was located in the building before me. My sister inlaw had told me there was another soaper there, and a bath & body lady who didnt have soap... So I went to the booth to see if I knew her or not... I get there.. and I recognize the lady.. She had been at my booth that Friday checking out all of my stuff. She didnt tell me she was a vendor, or a soaper :? hmmmm... So she smiles and say.. "oh you have nice stuff, I dont like putting so much time into mines like you do" I checked out her stuff... Basic, sloppy packed with tape on the back... $2.75 a bar, compared to my $6.00 a bar.. How will she ever make money? who knows..
We made friends.. she said she wanted to swap soap.. I said fine.. I took two of hers for one of mine.. She wanted to have a soap talk in January, we talked but of course I could tell she didnt want to tell me much.. which was ok.. No competition whatsoever... She soaps with Babassu Oil, I asked "Oh do you get it local?" She says "You can buy it from me..." I smirked.. when I was at her booth says says "Oh I sell displays as well" I said "Ok, thanks" They were cardboard displays, I know where to get them from... I left..
I am a little skeptical about her.. we will see...
The bath & body lady.. was just.. :roll: rude like. I said hello, she said "your the soaper" I said "yes" she said nothing else.. I said "good luck in the show" She didnt even smile LOL..

On the plus side... I had a lady come into my booth after the drama.. she smelled and touched everything.. her and this other lady with her... spoke very silently between them.. I said "If there is anything you have questions about just let me know" They smiled and said "ok"... they said about 10mins or so.. I found it odd...
Before she leaves she turns around and says "Do you make this yourself?" I said "yes, I do" she then says "Do you make alot of it?" I said "Umm, yes, I do" She says.. I am an owner of a boutique and I love your upscale packaging, Im very impressed and would love to have your items in my store." I said :shock: "Ok," She gave me a card and told me a little about her store, and told me to set up an appointment with her manager. I said "Ok" so the show ended. My items are still there.. its security guarded for the week.. which was nice I didnt have to tear down my stuff, its all still setup, I am just bringing my tent and some other items when I go back...
On the way home today, I get a call from a lady who picked up my card and brochure and invited me to Discovery Bay for a show on the 8th, she really liked the look of my items, and there is no vendor fee.. I said sure why not... I will call you on Tuesday.
I get home... and the store lady called me :shock: She says "Im sorry, i couldnt wait for you to call me, can we set up an appointment? I really want to have your items here before the holiday kicks in" I said.. sure.. She said "I showed my manager your website and everything, and she loved it.. you fit so well here.....I smiled. My appointment is on Thursday at 1pm before I go to my show.
I get on the computer to check my email... i got an email that said this..

To: [email protected]
Subject: Soaps
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 23:50:22 +0000

I purchased some soaps from you at the Antioch boutique this past Friday. I thought you might like a little feedback.

I saw other handmade soaps at a different booth before passing yours Friday, but I didn't purchase any of those soaps because they were sloppily wrapped, too big, and just plain unattractive.

It was not until I got home and read through the material that you had put in my bag that I really got a sense of what Smell It Like It Is is all about. I am so impressed! You do an excellent job! I just love your words of inspiration!


This email.. just made my weekend.. I love it!
It sounds like something good is in the making for you! Congratulations!
I couldn't wait to read your post, and was wondering how things worked out. Let us know if you get any other requests/etc.
Way to go Shannan! I like the whole story, and sure enough, you did make superb lemonade from sour lemons! Great! Hope the wholesale account comes in for you! I have been thinking about you a lot, trying to send prayers and good vibes to California to you. Congratulations, your hard work paid off in several ways! You do beautiful soaps. I wish my soaps were as pretty as yours! Take care, friend and get some much deserved rest!

Paul....:) :wink:
Well, the first part sounded like you had a few bumps in the road, but the last part is totally awesome!! Just goes to show that you are indeed professional top-notch! Congrats, and hope that other show proves to be very profitable and a fun experience!
Congrats on the show, sounds like you had quite an experience.

I know for a fact how wonderful your soaps are. The sample pack I got from you on etsy is fantastic! I am amazed at how long your soaps last. I'm on my second sample and haven't even used the full sized pumpkin one, which just smells yummy.
Yeah but did the vodka come in handy with the lemonade? Just kiddin, we knew you would do great! I am glad you kept your cool with the purse people!!!

Your soaps are pretty... what a "soap opera".. No pun intended!!
You had to know that someone would throw that in..
Glad you ended up good at the show
Craft shows are always big fat soap operas, you are right.

Can't wait to hear about the wholesale op!
Next time Shannan sing this song;

"Take the bar and shove it, I ain't a selling here no more, you've done intimidated me so whats this fussin take this bar and shove it, where the sun won't shine any more, your not worth fighting for, so just take this bar and shove it, man; I'm out the door! Just shove it!"
La la la te da, la te da te do. Sings my soul....
Oh, bartender, another margherita, PLEASE! Put it on Tab's tab!:lol: :lol:

Paul....:) :wink:
LOL, you all are so silly LOL.. well the soap opera is not over yet. I have to go back on thursday. So not looking forward to it. I dont know if I will do this show next year. We will see.

I am going to take all of next week off, to clean up, make some soap for christmas gifts and stuff..

Oh and hey... Someone emailed me and told me something on my website is like theirs "copyscape" and wants me to remove it.. I had to ask her what it was.. I have kept this information for years from when I first joined the "other" forum.. someone gave me the info.. and I just saved it.. so now I have to change it..

Soap Opera continues....
Oh and hey... Someone emailed me and told me something on my website is like theirs "copyscape" and wants me to remove it.. I had to ask her what it was.. I have kept this information for years from when I first joined the "other" forum.. someone gave me the info.. and I just saved it.. so now I have to change it..

Explain this a little more, you have peaked my curiosity...
She emailed me and told me that my disclaimer, and something in my customer care is almost verbatim to hers, and that I have to change it...

And I said "hmmm, I thought everyone's disclaimer said just about the same thing" but I dont know lol..

I am going to change it. I told her to let me know what is the part of my customer care, because I have never been to her site before. She has a nice one too...
We do all have the same disclaimer as required by the FDA. I find that odd.
But you know how some people are..

"I am the creator, I am the one who invented that" LMAO!
smellitlikeitis said:
But you know how some people are..

"I am the creator, I am the one who invented that" LMAO!

Yeah well.. I do believe that we took care of that issue.
I guess some people have too much time on their hands so they have to go looking for trivial issues to start drama with. *rolling eyes*.