No partial gel, but sister called it ugly

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Feb 3, 2015
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First time doing a 2lb loaf with full goats milk and lavender EO. Colored with alkanet root, and rose clay. I'm hoping the alkanet fades to a blue or purple. It was supposed to be a secret feather swirl but the batter got too thick and then my wire was too thin to give it any movement. And then sister called it uggo. Depressing! At least no partial gel lol

image1 (2).jpg
I really like your soap, the colors are nice and natural, so don't know why anyone would say ugly! The soap looks nice and creamy too!
You guys are always awesome for positive reinforcement! I'm glad the naturalness of the soap came through. I was trying to make this one of my more simple and natural soaps. Something about lavender soap just doesn't scream swirls and lots of color to me.
The green works perfectly with the pink and cream. Definitely keep the soap and trade the sister. May she be cursed to forever use store bought soaps.
Those are really sweet! I'm sorry but your sister is wrong wrong wrong.
To each his own...... but I like it. So do the opposite of what sister says :)
I think is looks lovely. I hope your response to your sister was a mature one. I'm thinking along the lines, "I know you are, but what about the soap?"

I like it... ignore your sister. If she is anything like mine - it gets easier with practice. :)

Brava, Llama. :clap::clap: Yes. Practice makes perfect. (Until she finds you on Facebook.)

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