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Apr 6, 2008
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Hi ~

I joined this forum a while back, Connie said it was a nice place to hang out with nice peeps! She was right.

Did not have much to say until this past Sunday when I made my first batch of CP, now I am reading everything and checking everything out, cuz I had a blast! After over 7 years in the candle making business trying to figure out why recently so many of my peers ditched candles for soap, I think I have an idea!

I have sold other's soap for years and have not bought a bar of non handmade soap for over 8 years, but resisted the urge to try, in fear I might become hooked! So now I am...but it's okay. I won't be selling for a very long time, but it's nice to make my own if I want something special.

Look forward to lurking, or chatting in the candle section - cuz in there I mgith be able to help! LOL
it is an ADDICTIVE hobby !! It so awesome to take a shower with something you created...and know exactly what went into it! I love the feeling!

best of luck to you in your soaping endevors!!

How did your batch of soap come out? pics!!!?!?! (we love pics!! :D)

Welcome to the forum!

My 1st CP Soap

Humble as it may be and I know it will turn tan or brown:)


Thanks for the warm welcome, I look forward to learning and giving advice on topics I know ~
Hi and Welcome.

I just joined. Trying to get a lot of info before I try my hand at it. Your soap turned out beautifully!

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