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Kerry K.

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May 16, 2018
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Maybe this is a stupid question, but my sister and I got together to make body butters, and the body butter was too thin! I can't think of what we did wrong, except not use enough butter and too much oil. I watched some videos of people making beautiful whipped body butter using a hand mixer, and I am wondering if I should get an old-fashioned hand mixer. We used a stick blender...were we wrong, or is a stick blender fine for the job?

Thanks for your input!
If it's too thin, sounds like too much oil and not enough butter. You can melt it back down and add more butter.

If you are making whipped butter, you need a hand mixer because you want to whip air into the butter. Vs a stick blender where the goal is to NOT whip air into the soap batter. If your stick blender has a whisk attachment, that might work.

ETA: Depending on how hot it is, you might need more butter now than you would if you make a butter during the winter / to be used in the winter.
...... just wanted to add : "There is no such thing as a stupid question " , not in the quest for learning.