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K a y

Feb 26, 2023
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Stratford, Connecticut

I'm trying to pick up knowledge and slowly learning things as I go. I see that there is always more to learn in the soap making world & that intrigues me.

I have a couple of questions for anyone who may like to answer them

Is it absolutely necessary to add in optiphen?

I bought the Stephenson opc soap base and I plan on making foaming whipped sugar scrub from it when I'm able to.
I'm planning to use jojoba oil& possibly coconut oil, both unrefined.

I've read and seen that people have different thoughts on what the Correct method is
When making foam whipped soap scrubs
Some say that if you're going to add in extra ingredients, such as jojoba and coconut oil, fragrances etc
then you should add in something like optiphen to guard against bacteria breeding from wet fingers etc

Also I was going to purchase a hand mixer as my start up tool. I did previously buy a stick blender by kitchen aid and when I got it back home and opened the box to check it out I seen the prop65 cancer warning on it. Upon finding out I brought it back the next day.
So now I'm going to go on Amazon.
Hopefully I'll end up with something that's half way decent.

I'm wondering if there are any particular mixers anyone would recommend for soap making..

Thank you very much*
Nov 15, 2018
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Hi there,

A preservative is recommended when the product either:

a) contains water, or botanical matter, or both, or

b) the product will have water introduced to it during use, such as wet hands in the shower.

A hand mixer or a stand mixer are great options for making whipped sugar scrubs. A stick blender is best for making soaps since the other two create too much "spatter."

Whatever you buy, don't worry too much about the Prop 65 warnings, honestly. They are on everything because it is easier for the manufacturer to assume that some cancer-causing ingredient MIGHT be part of the product, even in minute amounts. Buying something on Amazon instead of a local store won't eliminate that, either.
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