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Jul 23, 2020
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Akron, OH
I have a hard time finding soap that isn’t drying to my skin and when my sister suggested I try and make it myself, I balked... there are scary chemicals in there!!!! Several years older and much more adventurous, I’m taking a peek!

So far I’ve done some melt and pours, but I’ve been spending hours reading over posts, watching videos, and playing around with SoapCalc, so maybe one day soon I’ll actually be brave enough!!

Here is a picture of my tester Dino soaps!

Welcome, MCKim!

I, too played with M&P until I got brave enough to make soap with lye. Once I got up the courage to make that first batch, my fear disappeared and I kicked myself for waiting so long. lol

IrishLass :)
Welcome! Your melt and pour soaps look beautiful! Research is an excellent place to start with any new or potential hobby. I watched (and continue to watch) a lot of soap being made on YouTube, both for technique and to help make working with lye feel more normal. Drive with brakes and a seatbelt, soap with PPE and water. 🙂
Welcome, I did one batch of melt and pour and then went straight to cold process. I have seen some beautiful work with melt and pour though! Watching the videos is great to get your confidence up. So long as you wear the protective gear and treat the lye and soaping process with the attention and respect it deserves you should be fine.
There is actually only one chemical in artisan soap and that is Sodium Hydroxide aka Lye; you can’t make soap without it. Even your Melt & Pour was made with it.

You just need to be considerate and practice proper lye safety and you’ll be fine.

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