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Feb 28, 2008
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Melbourne Australia
Lately the weather here has been very cold with temperatures reaching 9 degrees celcius or (48d F) at night.
I have my soaps located in an outhouse building curing on there racks, the last two days if I was to pick one up I notice that they are slightly damp and I am starting to be concerned if this will damage them or create problems with the oils used.
Should I move them to a warmer enviroment or would a general fan assist.
Or not worry about it, any advice would be helpful.
I would atleast get a fan going in there... Maybe they are "sweating" due to temp changes?

I'm with Lane - it sounds as if the temp changes are effecting the soap. I know you said it's cold but didn't mention humidity. You may need a de-humidifier and at the very least - a fan as Lane suggested.
I would bring the bars in the house if I were you, put them in the same kind of indoor temperatures that are comfortable for you and your family.

I've got a perfect setup here, a shelf unit in my junk room and I leave the window open all summer long except when I'm away from home. You should try for something similar.
Thanks all for your assistance I forgot to mention that humidity is 88% at the moment and I will definetly kick in the fan ASAP and keep an eye on them, see if that will help.
Soaping in cold weather is not fun but I learn.
The humidity is likely the biggest sweat-factor. No harm though. You can bring them in and let them dry up for several weeks. They'll be fine. I have put soap in the freezer for as much as a week, and it recovers after it comes out and dries for 3 or 4 weeks. I like to cure soap a long time for hardness.
I agree. Just dry them out.

My experience is that prolonged exposure to excess humidity will shorten their shelf life so keeping them in a dry location or running a de-humidifier is a good idea.

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