My stick blender died!

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Well what are you making, that might make a diffence as to what type of mixer/blender will work best.
Oh Lawd :roll: I remember when this happened to me, right in the middle of a batch.
I dont think walmart has ever seen someone run in and out of their store so quick LOL

Thank gawd for self service check out!

I always have two now, one using, one for backup
Stick Blenders

Too bad the industrial stick blenders (power wands) cost so dang much! But I do know I'm gonna get me one, when I start selling soap.
Sometimes you can find one in a thrift store to get you started till you get another one.
I have back-up of the back-up. :lol:

If it is CP I would stick w/ a stick blender for the reasons stated above. You don't neeed to whip air bubbles into your soap.