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Apr 16, 2021
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From the Yukon living in Alberta
Long story and they were quite the chore but I’m happy with them. Pretty sure I went against soap laws of physics. Used a recipe that’s supposed to last at thin trace for awhile, didn’t cause temp were too low, 80 so they thickened to fast to squeeze through the tube bottle plus I used calendula pettiest that I ground but pieces still got stuck. Put some green in, they yellow was too thick so microwaved then it it poured out, I just went with it. I used dandelion infused olive oil and knew it would be yellowish so I had an extra bit left for the sky that I didn’t mix until field of dandelions bottom was done which was dandelion leaves and green clay. Got sky done and thought some piped dandelions on top would be nice since I had leftover batter. I got the dandelions done on top but had to leave for the evening and didn’t get to finish. Soooo, next morning I tried heating the green batter which was in the piping bags already in a bowl of hot water, didn’t work so I scooped it out and put it in the microwave and it overcooked. I cleaned it all out and threw it in a pot with yogurt and water and would you believe I piped with rebatch😯. It’s still soft enough for dough. I didn’t like the way the brown supposed to be green leaves looked so used the end of a knife to put the little lines in, 4 hrs on leaves, it was very relaxing😁


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What a journey to a good save! I know it’s not what you intended, but the soap reminds me of a late fall/winter walk on the beach.
It was supposed to be spring theme with dandelions, dandelion tea, dandelion infused olive oil and dandelions on top but colours didn’t turn out so bright but am not complaining at all😃

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