My Nostalgia On Soap. Im going Nolstagic


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Apr 7, 2015
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Hudson Vally NY
So I am not feeling well today.. and as I lay here. I think of the reason why i Love soap making. my father and mother would go to IL mercado when i was a child and i would see barrels of Olive soap Green and chunky. I remember holding them and i would take a bar home. did not smell like much but I missed that rustic appeal to soap.

I do love the Oval look to soap and the CUBE and CHUNKY rectangles.
So In my journey I have manage to get my hands on OLD WORLD recipes of soap making. Including Aleppo soap The famous Syrian soap. smh.

How costly the Laurel Oil is How wonderful the soap is. Many cherish this soap and would pay top notch for that rustic appeal.

ahhhh The Glories of RUSTIC things.


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Feb 11, 2008
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Right here, silly!
I have some nostalgic soapy memories from childhood, too. One that particularly sticks with me is when my grandma (who hung the moon to me) would take care of me and my siblings when my parents were at work. I was quite young- maybe 3 years old at the most, and we would come into the house from playing outside to eat lunch, and in order to make sure that my hands were nicely washed before eating, my grandma would take my hands in hers under the faucet and get them all soapy, and then she'd pretty much just wash my hands in her hands. Anyway, I just remember that feeling of her hands soaping my hands and the smell of the soap (I think it was Jergens). I don't know why, but that pleasant memory has always stuck with me.

IrishLass :)