My Grapefruit-Jasmine soap

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Sep 2, 2007
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I wrote a review of this FO in Fragrances yesterday under my "More" post. Here it is today, unmolded and being cut. This was the first batch I made with tallow. It is extremely white with an ever so slight yellow cast to it. I don't think the pics show this well enough. I did not use castor this time and I did not add any TD. The only other soap I have made that came out this white was my 3rd batch ever which was an OO,PO,CO mixture with lavendar EO. That baby was really really white. I was very new to CP and I had ordered but not received any oils yet so I used what I could find from Whole Foods and the PO and CO were quite white. The ones I use now are not so in your face white.

That is my TOG mini mold in the first pic. I LOVE it....and always reach for it first when I want to make a little one pound batch. It is so easy to use and I always get nice gel. The TOG cutter is in the next pic. I have an older model. It cuts with the straight bade. I can adjust the thickness on it but I have it where I like it now so I never bother changing it anymore. Works great...but then I am just a "for fun" soaper and never have to cut big long logs day in and day out. ... oapgi4.jpg ... cerqo7.jpg
That is a nice, creamy looking soap!!! Beautiful. The mini log is so cute.!! My cutter should be here soon. No more wonky cuts.

I am also waiting on the combo pic will be great. So much candy in one pic, oooooohhhhhhhh. :lol: :lol: