my first batch with smelly stuff

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Nov 28, 2007
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32 degrees outside , I'm making soap on the back deck.
This test batch represents lots of research..But I still have a long way to go.

Making the Orange 9-oil base

here is the soap in a makeshift mold:

this soap smells really good, The combination of grapefuit, honeysuckle and tea tree seem to go together very well, hope it retains the aroma.
Batch #7 12-06-07 hmm hmm good
Orange base ( 9 oil )
( 20 ingredients)
Amish coconut oil
Indian orange Palm oil
Dark yellow Olive oil
Grape seed oil
Safflower oil
Soybean oil
Almond oil
Walnut oil
Castor oil
Stearic Acid

additives: ( 2.75 oz)
1/4 oz grapefruit oil EO
1/4 oz. honey suckle oil EO
1/4 oz. aloe
1/4 oz. vitamin E oil
1/4 oz glycerin
1/4 oz sweet oil (olive)
1/4 oz. tea tree oil
1 tbsp turmeric powder (steeped in 1 oz. olive oil)
Good looking! Must see cut pics! Are you going to insulate for a gel or not? Keep us up-dated Neil.
Sounds like you live in the Mid-west!
Nasty day here today.

Paul.... :wink:
Thanks Paul.
Are you going to insulate for a gel or not?

I assume you mean insulate the mold.. but thats just a cardboard taped together makeshift mold. One day I'll get a real mold.
What do you use to get EO's off your hands? Coffee soap? Ive washed several times with regular soap but I can still smell the stuff. I dont mind Patchoili but honeysuckle is a little to loud.

here is what I woke up to this morning..What a blessing, I love snow. Had to drive a couple hundred miles in it today, But I still love it.
Yea try the coffee soap. You can also use used coffee grounds and just rub them on your hands then wash. Nice picture. We has about 1/8" of ice today, with more for this weekend and early next week.

Paul... :wink:
Thanks a bunch Paul.

Here is my newest batch all cut into squares. Not bad for a test batch. This soap really smells good it also has a great texture, The stearic acid, palm and coconut oil made it a good solid bar. The picture is a photo I
took last sping, I call it star burst.

P.S. My beveler has arthritis..LOL
Really off topic, but the photo the soaps are on... any idea what kind of flower that is??? I have those in my garden and I have no clue what they are. They were there when we bought the house last year.

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