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Oct 11, 2022
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I have been making soap for 2.5 yrs so far. Most of my soaps have been CP ( have done a few HP with no challenges so far). I just has a batch volcano as I was pouring into the mold, and the small amount remaining in the pan waiting to go into a mold as well. The battery had reached a medium trace thickness. Ingredients:
12 oz Green tea
6 oz lye......added 2.5 tsp sodium lactate 6% when tea was 90°F
6 oz coconut oil
4 oz shea butter
35 oz olive oil
At trace, added 1 oz Orange & .5 oz grapefruit oils
Can this be salvaged in any way?

I had one other batch fo this about 1 yr ago, but I didn't take close notes on that batch.
Any help is appreciated
Pour it back in the bowl and stir it until it settles back down.
If its already setting, you might need to rebatch.