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Hi Spotts and welcome to SMF! :)

The dimensions are not a secret. I have the plans somewhere but my modern, paperless office generates so much paper that they're under something else, so I'll just measure it for you:

base: 5" x 11-1/2"

sides: 2 pieces 1x2 11-1/2" long and 2 pieces 1x2 3-1/3" long.

Note that 1x2s are actually 3/4" x 1-1/2".

Also note that the sides stand vertically. That means the mold bed is 5" - 2 x 3/4" = 3-1/2" wide, and 11-1/2" - 2 x 3/4" = 10" long.

That produces four bars 3-1/2" long x 2-1/2" wide by pour depth which is nominally 1". Bar weight is 5-6 oz you want a recipe using 16 oz of oils.

That didn't hurt at all, did it? :)
No that was awesome thanks--- just use a lye cal to determine the lye to which ever oil I use -- correct? each oil will have a different lye oz amount right? some will figure the amount of water in a range but I think they just figure liquid not what type of liquid. eg: if I use goat milk (high fat content-- does that make a difference if recipe calls for water-- do you need to adjust the lye or oils for that?)
Use SoapCalc and set in your desired batch size. Then add on the oils you want and their percentages. Set any lye concentration and superfat you want or accept the defaults, then click "compute" and you have how much of everything you need including lye and water.

Water is any liquid including all milk and all aloe vera juice.

Read my post "Finally got my goat" before adding goat milk to any recipe, and you will discover how I recommend incorporating goat milk in soap recipes. Note that there are many other ways and people who like them, including freezing your GM into ice cubes and other strategies to keep the GM from heating up when it hits the lye. My method simply keeps the lye away from the GM and thus avoids the problem. YMMV :)