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Aug 16, 2019
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A Coruña, Spain
Hello all

I'm thinking of making a soap to give as Xmas gifts and if I get started now it should be ready in time. It's a "turrón" soap. For the uninitiated, turron is a Spanish Xmas delicacy vaguely similar to marzipan, it's traditionally made from almonds, honey, eggs, although there are hundreds of varieties these days.

So, the plan is to make a soap containing honey, which I've done, use almond oil as one of the oils (although that does nothing in fragrance terms), and then there's the question of the smell. Can anyone recommend a good almond essence or FO?

And does anyone have experience making something similar, or advice, or warnings, or...?

Many thanks in advance and happy soaping
I've never used it, but Bramble Berry sells an almond FO that looks to behave well in CP soaps. It has good reviews, too.
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Unfortunately, I'm very illiterate when it comes to Spanish and I have no idea if this company is legit for you. Naturally, I'm a little afraid to try and s end more links your way. And no, I don't like using Google Translate- it always seems off to me.

Edit- A few more links in general Euorpe.


I really wish I could go all in with this. Maybe someone from Europe/ UK can chime in.

The Spanish firm looks very legit, and somethng I've been looking for for some time now, not just for the almond fragrance but for FOs in general. is pretty duff for good soaping supplies, and it's Amazon, so an alternative would be great, and it looks like you found it. Many thanks!

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