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  1. sirtim100

    Marzipan ("turron") soap recipe/help/advice

    Hello all I'm thinking of making a soap to give as Xmas gifts and if I get started now it should be ready in time. It's a "turrón" soap. For the uninitiated, turron is a Spanish Xmas delicacy vaguely similar to marzipan, it's traditionally made from almonds, honey, eggs, although there are...
  2. Stoneygirl22

    Best Lush Snowcake Dupe?

    I am looking for a Lush Snowcake Dupe fragrance oil which I will be using in CP soap. I have tried the almond fragrance oil from Nature's Garden, but it has a heavy cherry note that is very strong and overpowering. Snowcake is like marzipan or almond icing. Anyone know of a good one and where I...