HP I have a LOT of yogurt to use. Recipes/advice?

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Mar 17, 2021
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Hello everyone! Thanks in advance for any tips or recipes y'all share.

My housemate just told me he has 2 quarts of greek yogurt in the freezer. He wants to make space in there, so he said I can use it...or lose it, haha. I hate throwing anything out, so I plan to use it for my holiday soaps.

I make hot process, and I've used yogurt for fluid HP in the past, with AMAZING results. However, that uses so little yogurt per soap batch, generally just a few tablespoons. Does anyone have a recipe/advice for using larger amounts of yogurt?

Last year, I was given 2 quarts of cream that were close to expiration date. Still good cream, just too much to use before it went bad. I froze a quart, calculated the fat content, made what I thought was a good soap recipe. I divided my liquids into half water, half cream cubes. I added the cream cubes at the end of the cook, to avoid scorching. I made sure the cream was fully incorporated in the batch to avoid spoilage. The soap looked fine, but smelled like baby barf. Sorry for being gross, but there's really no other way to describe it.

I'd like to avoid my yogurt soap turning into the same kind of smelly mess. How do y'all use up large amounts of yogurt thru soaping?

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