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Dec 29, 2022
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Durham, NC
Hi, I'm HD
My husband and I are makers, and we love to make just about anything creative we can. I just got into soap making because I love chemistry/biology and this pairs those with art.
I started with some melt and pour creations last month, as well as body butters, lip balms, cleansing balms and lotion bars. I just started Hot process soap (2 batches in). I like the chemical reaction happening before my eyes with HP and I actually like the resulting texture in the soap.
My first batch was a LTHP 100% coconut oil with a coconut lime FO, and poppy seed & luffa powder to making it a scrubby bar.
My 2nd batch was a HTFHP wine soap scented with a black currant & absinthe. For this one I made my own hanger tool to attempt a swirl pattern.
Tonight I will be making a beer soap, and then this weekend I'm making a tea soap and a coffee soap as well as finishing up some melt and pour for a late Christmas gift.


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