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Jun 22, 2015
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Now I work in a grocery store that likes to carry trendy sorts of drinks. Since I've soap on the brain, I picked up a carton to play with. The only ingredient is maple sap. I'm thinking I should freeze the liquid and treat it not unlike goat's milk.

Anyone play with this before? Apparently this is the very same sap that is boiled down to make syrup... Yum.
I would freeze it and be very careful with that much sugar. It could easily volcano and/or overheat in the mold.
I just got some as well but haven't got around to using it yet. Let us know how it goes!
I just got some as well but haven't got around to using it yet. Let us know how it goes!

I just poured the soap and it went smoothly so far as I can tell. The lye solution was pale yellow/cream, much like soaping with aloe-vera... Actually that was what this process reminded me of. I did freeze my maple water just to play it safe.

My batter was the same creamy colour as always so no immediate signs of discolouration. I did read that it discolours to tan but it is possible that that soaper didn't freeze the sap so it could have caramelized on him/her and not for me. Don't know. I didn't however leave any of the batter for the soap uncolour because it didn't suit my vision. Heh. I'm familiar with these colours though so it won't be hard to spot any weirdness when I unmold/cut. No speeding up trace, I poured my batter when it was basically water-thin for drop swirl and hanger swirl purposes... It's still water-thin. I need the sucker to harden a little so I can bring him in.
Very cool. You will have to let us know how it affected the soap. I would think the sugar from the maple water would give you lots of bubbles.

There's the soap. The soap did overheat a little, no cracking but I can see it happen on a more insulating mold. So my suggestion would be to either watch it like a hawk if you need to gel or toss it in the freezer to save yourself any headaches. The soap has a sweetness to it, not a classic soap smell. It's quite nice. I expect it will disappear with the cure.

The soap bubbles like mad but with 25% coconut oil it's just as likely to be the oil. I'll try it with my butter recipe on my next day off since it uses less coconut oil.
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Wow! Great colors. You got a lot of them in there for a soap which I would expect to move fast ...

It really didn't move at all. I brought it to avery very thin trace, mixed the colours one by one, and swirl away. I would have had more than enough time to do a peacock swirl or any really intricate design with time to spare I wanted to move the soap to a another area to set up and it was still basically water until an hour or more post pour.

I soaped with 75% liquid oils which may well have helped. So on Tuesday I'll be using my 65% liquid oil recipe to see if there's a difference. I also want to see if the difference in bubbles. I'll also be freezing the soap post pour to prevent any trace of overheating.
I just do drop swirls and occasionally a hanger swirl. One colour poured after the other and just a couple of twists of a hangar or twists of a chopstick. I think the trick is to not over swirl it. Maybe I'll try filming a video next batch.