Made my first candles today!

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Sep 20, 2015
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So I was planning on trying my hand at soap making today, but decided to do more research on the subject before getting into it. I saw some videos on candle making and thought what the heck it will give me something to do on my day off. I went to hobby lobby bought the starter kit and some soy wax. I picked up a couple colors and fragrances I liked. So I ended up only using the wicks, thermometer and melting pot from the kit. Only real problems I ran into were I didn't know how big the wicks were and bought to big of jars to put them in. I know if I get more into this hobby I will find a better wick for sure. I have three of them curing now and will update if I get any scent out of them!
Congrats! Keep it up, you can learn each step you go.

Test out your candles with a watchful eye attended, and adjust from there!

We just started candlemaking and went with the ngi ecosoy also.
I started out with container candles too. They are fun to make and sure smell great. Another hint is to be sure that your glass containers are made to take the heat from candles.
We keep several size hemp wicks around and also add wicks to the candle when necessary. I'm checking out the link from @babadara :)

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