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You might not need one. Usually, when I have an idea of what I want to make, I go online and look for recipes that are similar to what I want and let them influence how I throw things together. What kind of lotions do you want to make?
here's a lotion tutorial for you.


it shouldn't be lumpy you should mix at about the same temps, i do mine oils into water. slowly drizzling the oils in as i am stick blending. it helps if you have the main container in a cold water bath or at least sitting on a bag of ice.

sterilize everything in site before you even start. weigh out your water heat and hold your water, ( or whatever liquids you are using ) also heat and hold another container of water to replace what is lost during the heat and hold stage. i gently melt all butters, ewax and stearic acid while i;m waiting for the water to cool down.

i'm not sure if jenn at lotioncrafter's has a lotion tutorial on her site or not. but she does have lotion formula's.

i'll see if i can find her's and forward it to you. she was an awesome help to me when i started making lotions.
I finally broke down and bought the HLB calc at LotionCrafters.

I only did it last week, so only a couple batches of lotion so far. What a difference it makes! I really love it, takes all the guess work out and lets me just play!

I'm falling in love with a lotion of FCO, Soy, AKO and Jojoba.

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