(Leuco-)Indigo and a puzzling Soap Chameleon

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Nov 1, 2020
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New Hampshire
Originally I had planned to do it in a rectangular mould, but I'm glad I decided for the cylindrical mould in the end – so much more randomness going on! I too like how it came out. Even with the not overly convincing colour depth of the indigo … Definitely worth keeping an eye at – good to know to have an excuse for excessive test series! 😁
I'm actually wondering what @Vicki C is making with all her gorgeous colour samples?

For future reference: This is at a ratio of 175:100 of soap inlays:fresh batter, which is arguably too much. With a ratio of, say, 150:100, there would be some more space between the cubes, keeping the whole bar together more strongly.
Ha funny I was looking at your soap and thinking this was the exact problem I had when I made my “quilt soap” (a thank you for helpers with my granddaughter’s quilt) which I did indeed make with (some of) my color samples. I didn’t think to presoak the pieces and they too wanted to fall out.
Here‘s one of the better behaved bars. I did steam off that soda ash, or tried to. 4E8D887B-8165-460E-A16C-A3436A4AF9C5.jpeg

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