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Nov 6, 2007
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Hey Paul,,,,Just bot a TOG Soap Mold.....Gotta get in before the Price increase from UPS....Just wanted to let ya know :D Been looking at it for a while, and searching ebay for a comparison, and NOTHING compares. I wanted to BUY from you anyway, but I JUST had to do a "compare" for the heck of it. There are molds out there, but nothing like you have, with the inserts, and the liner. You got a good thing goin' on. What made me buy from you was the inserts to tell you the truth. I have been on your esty site many times, and I'm in awe. Can you pm me, I forgot to ask you something.....when I placed my order.
Thanks Kat! You have a PM! :D This is by far my best selling mold! Woodi just got hers in Canada. I've sold at least 30 to 35 of this size in less than 2 months I think. It is soooo very easy to use! :)


Paul.... :wink: