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May 29, 2013
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I'm testing 3 new face masks that I made today. My husband thinks I'm crazy. Oh, the things we do for fresh skin!

That's awesome! No one will think you're a crazy person when you're 80 years old and have the complexion of a 20 year old. Then you can pull out this pic and show them why you look so beautiful! :shock:
Looks like you have war paint on :p

Depending on what I'm doing in my soap room, sometimes I feel like I'm going to war. Beating soap until it surrenders, going in with head-to-toe gear with the goggles and gloves, lugging around heavy gear. Testing products, these are the moments I really look forward to!

Your eyes are gorgeous!!

Thank you! :) I got my daddy's eyes.

Camo queen! The one on the left (your right) impeccably matches your eyes.

That was my favorite mask! It's got charcoal and matcha powder, easy to remove, and the color is really exciting when you're painting it on.

It's like continental movement started on your gorgeous face!

Hehe! I did have a lot of fun doing multiple masks at once. I was really tempted to smear it around like finger paint!

OMG, I just now realized I totally flubbed up the title of this post. I meant SOMEBODY'S gotta do it. Duh. :roll:
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