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Aug 24, 2018
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Hi all,

Came here for input. I was inspired by 2 commercial fragrances (I know) - Terre by Hermès and Bois Classic 1920 - and decided to make a new woody, Bois style EO blend. Been playing with wood and citrus EOs, trying and succeeding in getting some beautiful earthy, smoky, musky, even flinty combos. I’ve used exactly the notes in the profiles, added rose, ylang, vanilla and benzoin to test, and to follow the notes. But even though the combos are technically working, they’re all so...flat. So far I just cannot figure out what is missing that causes those actual commercial perfumes to have that ...yummy quality that turns you on. It’s definitely chemical, but an almost powdery, velvety smell of heat that’s something like bourbon crossed with cut wood crossed with the beach crossed with vanilla crossed with sex. Especially prevalent in the Bois.

I want my men’s woody blend to have a complexity of sexiness to it that I’m just not getting from the plant oils. The benzoin is sticky sweet yes, but it isn’t exactly giving me depth heat either. It isn’t pulling me into the fragrance. I know vanilla is a disaster in soap and I hope to play this fragrance across both perfume and CP soap.

Can anyone identify what I’m after and recommend how to refine and deepen/heat/sex up my organic men’s blends?

Any input from those with more experience?

Thank you!!
Vetiver also came to me too....but I could use Vetiver in anything ;)
Also, the scent you're looking for is probably many different scents at different ratios. ...
I'm not familiar with the scents you are referring to, but some piney and spicy notes can definitely add some complexity.

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