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  1. DucknBear Gracie

    Mixing essential oils and fragrance oils

    Helloooo again Anyone have any experience mixing essential oils and fragrance oils in CP soap? I plan on experimenting for myself tomorrow (very exciting! haven't experimented in almost a year now, used to be my favourite thing to do!) but I always love hearing other peoples experiences - I will...
  2. O

    IFRA usage rate for essential oil

    Hi! I've recently come up with a recipe that I would really like to be able to make regular batches of soap with, and the essential oil i want to use for this soap is Mystic Moment's Orange 5 Fold. Eventually I want to be able to apply for a CPSR and get a small soapmaking business started up...
  3. K

    Mixing essential/fragrance oils after dilution

    I have recently made my first batch of liquid soap (paste) but have a couple questions regarding mixing in essential/fragrance oils. I purchased some polysorbate 80 but should I mix the polysorbate 80 with the EO/FO before mixing it into the diluted LS or can I add the polysorbate 80 into the...
  4. I

    Beginners question including lye and overheating

    Hello all. My last batch of soap turned into a disaster and I was hoping to understand, learn and move on from it. Please do forgive for such basic questions, I have only just started recently. I used 468 grams coconut oil, 150 almond oil (sweet), 124 grams lye and 234 grams water after using...
  5. B

    Cost per bar of soap

    Hello everyone, I am a newbie and was looking to get some other's feedback on your cost per bar of cold process soap. First of all, our soap is costing around $1.50/5oz bar, or $0.30/oz. This is using organic oils, non organic everything else. Using all natural ingredients, like colored kaolin...
  6. A


    Hello. I recently made a batch of soaps with 1% sandalwood eo. Oils are sunflower, coconut oil, and a bit of shea. The end product smells a little spicy. Not like sandalwood. It's not unpleasant. Just strange. Has anyone had that happen with sandalwood? Thanks in advance!
  7. Jmaidhoff

    Curdled now foamy

    Hey guys! I’m brand new to soap making; well for about eight months now. I don’t know what is going on but my last two batches of lavender soap I’ve absolutely flopped! The first one is unsavable so we won’t even talk about that, I already threw it away after trying to rewatching it and it...
  8. B

    EO in dog soap

    Hi, I have recently started making soap and made a recipe for a dog shampoo. When it is slightly more cured, I am going to test the pH to make sure it is right for dogs but until then, I was wondering about the dosage of essential oils. I've made a lavender scented loaf, where I steeped dried...
  9. M

    fragrance / essential oils

    is it safe to use fragrance oil in cold process dish washing soap? I made a soap that was intended for body use but just too drying for the skin. I’ve seen a good amount of dish washing recipes with 100% CO . I’m wondering if I could use up the soap for washing dishes so it doesn’t waste :) I...
  10. AliciaE

    EO vs FO: Thoughts???

    Hey y’all! I just recently started soaping and I have been making A LOT lately while trying to get the lay of the land. My recipes in the soapcalc are calling for around 1-1.5 oz of fragrance give or take. That seems like a lot to me... I would really like to use essential oil to keep my soap...
  11. Anstarx

    EO percentage for spot treatment gel?

    I want to make a spot treatment gel for my acne and I plan to use tea tree oil in it. I've made a trial sample before and I like it, but unfornatunately lost the notes afterwards so I can't remember the exact percentages. However, I'm pretty sure the tea tree eo in there is over 10%. I was told...
  12. C

    Fresh EO blend that holds up after cure

    Hello! I'm making an Activated charcoal brine soap and want it to smell herbaceous, minty, uplifting, fresh! However I've had a hard time making this EOs stick, even by the time I'm unmolding I can barely smell the blend. I've been using 3% of oil weight, which is what I use for my other...
  13. B

    Essential oils and temperature

    I have only made a few batches of soap, and have a few questions. First, I’m not really trying to promote my soaps going through the gel phase since I use essential oils and natural botanicals that I’m sure are heat sensitive. What should the temperature of my cold process soaps be? I’ve...
  14. Nyknits

    Photos of my oats, milk & honey hp soap

    (This is my 5th batch. I think I’ll stick with the simpler recipes for a bit.) The recipe has olive, coconut, sweet almond and castor oils. In addition there’s coco butter, beeswax and I added 5 % shea butter after the cook. The essential oils are cardamom, ginger, orange and a touch of black...
  15. Iseleigh

    Question about safety of EO's and scent sources

    I'm trying to work out a scent blend for several Appalachian themed soaps (CP, for Halloween) and after poking around on this forum a bit I found this thread ( that mentions a few oils I had planned on using. I guess it...
  16. QueenJ

    Coconut essential oil

    has anyone heard of coconut essential oil?! Is there such a thing? I’ve searched it up and there’s one company that carries it. It’s CO2 extracted. ?! But I’m so sure about it.
  17. A

    Bergamot FO vs. EO - staying power and additive questions

    Hi all! I'm new here. I just made my first couple batches of soap and I'm hooked. Next up, I want to try Bergamot in an attempt to make an 'Earl Grey' type tea soap. :) I absolutely adore the smell of that tea and I'm hoping to capture it in a soap. I've only ever used EOs up to this point and...
  18. E

    Any benefits left after EO evaporation?

    Hi! We have all heard of the benefits of essential oils. Adding essential oils to soaps make them smell "natural" and good. However, we also know that the scent of essential oils will evaporate over time in soaps. Let say after a few months when the scent of the essential oils has faded or...
  19. Zing

    empty bottles?

    As a soaper, I go through a lot of bottles of essential oils. The empty bottle still smells good. If I leave it in a drawer or closet, will it "evaporate"? Or should I fill it with water?
  20. M

    Essence - fragrance WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE ??

    hi everyone! i'm confused about the difference between essentiel oils - essences - fragrances? i found in a small shop an ESSENCE of orange blossom but i'm really confused if it is like an EO or a FO.? i'm developing my lip balm recipe and when i use EO on it the scent disapear in 3-7 days so i...