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  1. Nicolesica

    Soap cutter

    Hi all! I have been looking at getting a good “push-thru” cutter here in the near future. Unfortunately, I have a $100 budget. Currently I use just single 3.5lb molds, and have the R.E.D cutter from essential depot—which I love. But, I am hoping to branch off into slab molds here soon & I...
  2. AnnaNikole

    Bath Bomb recipe critique.

    Hi all, I run a small shop on Etsy selling my handmade bath products. All has been going well so far and my bombs have gotten great feedback, but the only problem/complaint is that they’re sometimes too soft and don’t hold together well during shipping, even though I pack them very well. I’d...
  3. QueenJ

    Whipped body butter

    So I’ve been making whipped body butters for years and i have a few go to recipes that i use and I tried 2 techniques which require (cooling phase) I pop my oils in the fridge or freezer to quicken up the cooling process then whip until perfect consistency. Im curious if there is another way of...
  4. W

    In search of “X” factor in men’s scent...

    Hi all, Came here for input. I was inspired by 2 commercial fragrances (I know) - Terre by Hermès and Bois Classic 1920 - and decided to make a new woody, Bois style EO blend. Been playing with wood and citrus EOs, trying and succeeding in getting some beautiful earthy, smoky, musky, even...
  5. cestbeaucreations


    I am looking for a great place to get labels that won't cost an arm and a leg. Do you use photoshop to make your own? How do so many get such great looking labels? I know my creations are neat [to me at least ;)] and I know what I am really lacking are some fabulous labels. I have been just...