I'm sun burnt!!

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Dec 1, 2006
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Anyone have a good recipe for a soothing after sun lotion? Or an oil blend i could spritz on to help cool the burn? ANYTHING!! PLEASE!!! I'M IN PAIN!!!
Come on, some one had to have SOMETHING to share. . .

Luckily my sun burn is gone now, but I'd still like to hear some advice for next time.
I have a recipe for a salve for sun -burns, burns, cuts and about anything else. :) I have made it, but only just a little. In it is Chickweed extract, Plantian Extract, Aloe Vera oil, vitamin E oil and a main oil of Apricot Kernel Oil. it works real nice. :)
The American Cancer website recommends just plain milk asap to help replace the proteins burnt out of your skin and cool the burn. I tried it and it works. I put milk in a bowl, took an old hand towel, got it soaked with milk and carefully applied it on my burnt skin. It was dipping a little so I went in the bath tub. When the towel stopped dripping, I poured more milk on to keep it wet. About 30 minutes and I had relief. My burn healed faster.
fresh aloe is the best thing to use for sunburns!... that or vit E oil !...

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