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Well I just got finish a week training (13th-17th)
I am now certified to become a Code Enforcement Officer (smiles)

I start school back on the 27th. (majoring in Real Estate & Land Use)

I have two law classes, a marketing class, and a real estate principles class.. and one class is a late evening class..

I am also currently a police dispatcher at the campus. (its a real police station talk about drama) 26hrs a week now.

And last but not least I am a single mother of an 11 and 7 y/o.

The business grand opening is on October 20th. Ready for the holidays. Mind that I do have a few craft shows set up already.

Trying to hire someone (reasonable amount) to do the website.
Get all the info ready for that..
Wholesale info needs to be ready
etc etc etc...

How the hell.. and I crazy for doing all this stuff?
I must have lost my mind..

I mean I have plans, goals for the future... but maybe just too many?

I major in Real Estate because I want a non-profit organization. Yet discussed.
And also to buy property, because I want a soap store (sigh)
but the code enforcement was a back up just in case...
they get paid 4000grand a month starting out. (my aunt gets paid 85,000 a year)

hoe do all of you manage your time?
Do it all now while you are young because when you get old you will not have the energy. Good luck to you in all your endeavors.
30.. is that still young? LOL

Thanks everyone.. I think I am going to get an assistant to help with labeling, packaging, and dropping off packages at the post office etc..
30 is young. You aren't old yet. Lots of life in you and ability to get this all done. I think you can get it all done but do be careful to not over do. It is so easy to forget that but if you are like me, I love what I do so it really does not seem like that much. But it can be. So don't forget to take time for YOU.
yes, my "me" time is using the soap and products that I make.. in a nice hotel suite.. with my chocolate cake! LOL

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