How Long Does It Take You to Use Up a Bar?

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Nov 28, 2007
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Just a fun question. I have about 30 bars I've bought from here and there. I'm a guy and I really don't spend a lot time in the shower...just long enough to shampoo my hair and to lather up once and then the rinse. Maybe 5 minutes time on an average workday. So, I really don't use soap up that quickly. I'm estimating a 4 oz bar lasts around a month for me. At that rate, I have enough soap to last 2.5 years!
I love, love, love my showers. :D So I probably go thru quite a bit of soap. I always have atleast 4 or 5 soaps in travel soap dishes so I can choose which one I am in the mood for :roll: My family laughs at me for the time I spend deciding :lol: k
2 wekks to a month sound about right depending on if it ends up sitting in water or is well drained.
sometimes it takes me 3weeks and I use it twice a day plus my two kids and my mom.
Yes, about 3 weeks here. But I do like gallerygirl, and have 4 bars at a time on the tub. Some I save for baths and really work that lather in. Why not?.....soap is our passion, isn't it?

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